Gran Baita Restaurant

The Gran Baita hotel restaurant is organized in cosy and  welcoming halls, furnished in the classic warm Alpine style.

Our specialty, of course, are the typical products and traditional dishes of the Aosta Valley and mountain cuisine.

The wine list offers a careful selection of producers who have particularly impressed us for their work in the vineyard and in the cellar. Of these, from the Aosta Valley and beyond, we propose the labels that we think can best be expressed in combination with the dishes of our kitchen

We want to share with you our dishes, a piece of narrative of the territory. Polenta is not given up even in August and we prepare it with Fontina DOP, or with porcini mushrooms and sometimes with cheese fondue.

The tasty and aromatic risotto with beef mocetta and Toma di Gressoney is also very popular. Mocetta is an ancient cured meat, typical of the Aosta Valley and the near  Piedmont Region.

At our table there is no lack of game  “civet”,  a traditional recipe: the meat rests  for several hours in a bath of red wine, berries and spices followed by long cooking that allows us to enjoy a fragrant and soft dish. Special with “polenta” as side-dish!

But the Aosta Valley cuisine, wise and poor at the same time, also offers simple delicacies such as the dry soup made with stale bread, cabbage and Fontina Cheese, a true delight for vegetarians and non-vegetarians.

Have you ever heard about Lard d’Arnad? Taste it! This excellent  mountain product,  was used in the past as the only condiment available at high altitudes all year round, because olive oil was too expensive since olive trees cannot withstand low mountain temperatures.

100% good and healthy things? Gressoney is  an important biodiversity presidium with an incredible variety of Alpine potatoes and ancient vegetables.  All this is made possible by the research and the work of the young farmers of “Paysage à manger”,  who  have created, involving other producers from the Lys Valley, the Samstag Märt, the Saturday market, which takes place from the end of June to the end of October, at the garden of Zer Mièle, in Strada Castello Savoia.