Our menù



Ham loin with goat cheese cream and cinnamon-scented blackberry (7) euro 14

Puff pastry quiche* with red cabbage and Gressoney Toma cheese (1,3,7)  euro 10

Poached egg on Topinambur cream and salt scented with aromatic herb (3) euro 10

Lard d’Arnad with hot chestnuts with a crunchy crumble of black bread (1) euro 14

Radicchio salad on vegan apple mayonnaise with Fontina cheese and sanded hazelnuts (7.13) euro 10



Brown rice with pumpkin cream and amaretto sauce with speck powder (7.13) euro 12

Chnéffléné with fontina cheese fondue and crispy bacon (1,3,7) euro 14

Gnocchi* made with chestnut flour and smoked leek cream (1.3) euro 14

Ravioli stuffed with ricotta and herbs with beetroot pesto, clarified butter with nutmeg (1,3,7,13) euro 12

Tagliolini with venison* ragout and blueberries (1,3,10) euro 16

Polenta (typical mountain dish made with corn flour) with herb butter and fontina cheese (7) euro 12

Veal escalope with Fontina cheese and grilled ham (7) euro 20

Veal cooked in beer with polenta (10.12) euro 16

Sliced ​​duck* breast with red Port wine and pomegranate reduction (7) euro 22

Trout fillet scented with citrus and bergamot butter flakes (2.7) euro 18



Creme caramel with Aosta valley typical biscuit (1,3,7) euro 6

Meringue millefeuille with chestnut cream and dusting of cocoa (3.7) euro 7

Cake with mulled pears and chocolate (1,3,7,10) euro 7

Soft hazelnut cake with cold zabaglione made with passito wine (3,7,10)  euro 7

Cover charge: euro 2.50

Allergens: (1) gluten (2) crustaceans (3) eggs (4) fish (5) peanuts (6) soy (7) milk (8) celery (9) mustard (10) sulfur dioxide (11) sesame (12) lupins (13) nuts (14) molluscs

The menu may be subject to change based on food availability, last update date 8 June 2023.
*product frozen at the origin
** product processed fresh and blast chilled according to cold chain regulations
The photographs of the dishes were produced by the current Gran Baita Brigade, they may not correspond to the dishes on the menu.